‘New Music’: Eyeshine in Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust

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Welcome back to According to Hatchet.  This week we will be featuring Power Ranger references (by which I mean it will be mentioned at least once) and you will get to hear about my favourite anime.  Oh wait, this is a music blog…

Eyeshine was founded by Johnny Yong Bosch and Maurice Salmin and is fronted by Bosch who some might recognize as Adam Park/Black Ranger or the voice of Vash the Stampede in the English dub of the anime Trigun (among other shows like Sailor Moon, I just like Trigun alot).  I didn’t know much about the other members but they have this fun little interactive bio for everybody.

Eyeshine boasts 12 previous albums (which you can check out here) with Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust being their 13th.

A mix of sophisticated (polished? words?) punk, grunge, and rock SD&CD has the potential to be one of my favourite albums of the year.  The songs are catchy and make me want to jump around and sing really loud while mowing the grass.  This album is just so alive, so electric, so free, so majestic! (you may now smile to yourself at my clever insertion of actual song lyrics from an actual song on the album.  Thank  you.)

Favourite Tracks: Paper Hearts, Myself To Lose, Start All Over Again, So Majestic, and The Way That Stars Fall just for starters x33

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