‘New Music’: Cloud Nothings in Life Without Sound

I found these guys while exploring Wikipedia’s list of new music for 2017.  I had been disapointed in the lack of new music I listened to in 2016 and now I have a spreadsheet with most of the new releases for this year (through February, it’s a lot of stuff, and I didn’t even bother with the rap or country and I’ll never be able listen to it all and March is almost over and, and, *cue overwhelmed flailing).  Thanks to Spotify Premium for students (#notsponsored but call me?), I’ve been able to listen to a good amount of new music, including this album.

CloudNothings_11183_JACKET copy

Cloud Nothings is an American indie-rock band from Cleveland Ohio formed by vocalist and guitarist Dylan Baldi in 2009.  Filling out the roster is Jayson Gerycz on drums, TJ Duke on bass, and Chris Brown on guitar.  The group has released 5 studio albums, Life Without Sound being the most recent release.

“Up to the Surface” is a great intro track, setting you up for the mood, laid back but full of energy.  The vocals are dark in colour and with the surrounding instrumentation the whole album has a warm feel to it.

My favourite tracks include “Up to the Surface”, “Things Are Right With You”, “Darkened Rings”, “Modern Act”, and “Sight Unseen”.

If you’ve ever heard of (and like) Eyeshine or Ellengarden, I’d highly recommend Cloud Nothings (and also those other two).  These three bands would make a great summery playlist for those sunny days that aren’t quite warm enough (like it has been off and on this March.  Stop teasing me, I just want to be outside).

Check these guys out on Spotify and at the links below.

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‘New Music’: Murder by Death in Big Dark Love

Hello Bit-munchers!  Welcome to a special Thursday edition of According to Hatchet.  This week we will be listening to Murder by Death, everyone’s favourite brand of Americana.  At least, my favourite.  Let’s get the deets!

Murder by Death was founded in Indiana around 2001 and named after the film of the same name, which I’ve been told is similar to Clue, so I’m assuming it’s highly recommended.  We have Adam Turla on vocals and guitars, Sarah Balliet on cello and keys, Dogan Thogerson on drums and various percussion, Matt Armstrong on bass, and David Fountain on piano, percussion, mandolin, banjo, and vocals.  Here is an excerpt from their biography on their FaceBook page:

‘On the surface, Murder By Death is a Bloomington, IN quintet with a wry, ominous name. But behind the geography and moniker is a band of meticulous and literary songwriters matched by a specific brand of brooding, anthem-riding balladry and orchestral indie rock.’

Big Dark Love is MbD’s seventh studio album, although they have several cover albums which can be found on their bandcamp page.  I was introduced to Murder by Death a few years ago when I was in college and immediately fell in love with Turla’s croon and the cello they incorporated into their music.  The first album I heard was Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon an album full of folky meanderings and lyrics.  For someone who hates country music, I sure do love southern folk/rock/Americana/ect. stuff.  Or really, just southern dudes/gals in general.  When I found out that Big Dark Love had come out last year I was quite peeved I hadn’t noticed.  Regardless, this album only continues the quality of music I’d expect from this group.  The opening track ‘I Shot An Arrow’ immediately draws you in, it’s so catchy.  ‘Natural Pearl’ feels like the epitome of folk music and I love it.  I highly recommend this band and all of their albums.

Whoooo.  Well, I’ve managed to post this on Thursday.  Technically it’s still Thursday.  I really need to write ahead xp

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‘NEW MUSIC’: Abandon Kansas in Alligator


Hey bit munchers!

(I’m on a roll)

I feel like poking fun at this album, even in the good-natured-(i swear this word is right)-I-actually-really-this, is the wrong approach today.  I light of this, I will attempt to be a serious writer.

I’m so sorry.

Alligator was an album I wasn’t quite sold on, even though I have seen AK live, have met Jeremy Spring (however briefly it may have been), and enjoyed their back-catalog.  Of course I enjoyed the album or I wouldn’t be writing about it.  As hard as it is to articulate how much I like something, it is even harder for me to articulate how much I dislike something.

So, with that out of the way…

Alligator is a quirky blend of piano riffs infused with electronic elements, relateable lyrics, and layers upon layers of alternative/indie/rock.  I like it.  Catchy and engaging.  If you wanna hear Jeremy talk about the album then check out his podcast DeadSpace (no, not the video game) ==> CLICK THIS

Some favourite tracks include: Alligator, Baby Please, Get Clean, Shadows, and What You Meant (that last one is pretty moving).

Important links to check out regarding Abandon Kansas:



I may also be updating previous posts with additional links, but don’t hold your breath.

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Do you like butts?!

Do you like sweet jams?!

Then check out the debut album from Crisscross Albuttross, Hogdays Smaugdays.  Crisscross Dental-floss is an awesome band hailing from the village of Millersville.  Their indie soul punk will send your sound receptors on a journey through space in a boat powered by a flock of Albatross.

Some personal favorites on the album include Faces More Familiar, Fisherman’s Son, Ghastly Love and Songstress.

In all seriousness, this is an absolutely fantastic album and it is awesome to finally have these songs in my collection.  Check out their bandcamp and Facebook here and here respectively, and purchase the album.

While you’re at it, check out Pillar Collective for more awesome music, art and short films! (bandcamp and facebook).

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Stay tuned for more music and nonsense.

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