‘OST’: Imahori Tsuneo in Trigun

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Original sound tracks are a beautiful thing, especially when they are pulled off in such a way that they complement the film while simultaneously being able to stand on their own as a dang good piece of work.  As a music lover, I have a certain soft spot for OST, especially this one.

We’re talking Japanese composer and guitarist Imahori Tsuneo and his fantastic work on the anime Trigun.  Imahori also worked on the Gungrave, Gungrave 2, Hajime no Ippo and Trigun Badlands Rumble soundtracks and to a lesser extent Texhnolyze, Wolf’s Rain, and Cowboy Bepop.  He also composed and/or played guitar in the bands Tipographica, MEATOPIA, and The Seatbelts.

Trigun, written by Yasuhiro Nightow, is my one of my top favourite anime and is the first series that I completed.  I’m also reading through the manga, and the intense face of Nicholas D. Wolfwood is staring at me from the cover of Trigun Maximum Omnibus 2.  Lest I fill this post with nothing but praise for the show or the novel, check out this video, narrated by none other than Jeff Nimoy, for more information.

Back to the music.

Trigun was released in Japan in 1998 and Imahori’s soundtrack was released the same year.   The album mainly features the most jazzy of guitars, the most bluesy of saxophones, the most raging of bongos, and the occasional delicate flute.  The chaotic but calculated music paired with intense jazz really pulls the western feel together.  While much of the music is lighthearted and fun, tracks like ‘Perfect Night’ remind you just how terrifying the villains are.  I’d have to say that the soundtrack is crafted to fit perfectly with the hot dry sand on the planet Gunsmoke as we follow our care-free hero on his quest for love and peace.

Below check out some links for a taste of this delicious music!

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Tipographica Highway as a Samurai Play | Tipographica King’s Golden Toilet | MEATOPIA Counterattack | The Seatbelts Tank! | H.T.Red Eyes Project Yellow Alert cover


‘New Music’: Eyeshine in Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust

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Welcome back to According to Hatchet.  This week we will be featuring Power Ranger references (by which I mean it will be mentioned at least once) and you will get to hear about my favourite anime.  Oh wait, this is a music blog…

Eyeshine was founded by Johnny Yong Bosch and Maurice Salmin and is fronted by Bosch who some might recognize as Adam Park/Black Ranger or the voice of Vash the Stampede in the English dub of the anime Trigun (among other shows like Sailor Moon, I just like Trigun alot).  I didn’t know much about the other members but they have this fun little interactive bio for everybody.

Eyeshine boasts 12 previous albums (which you can check out here) with Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust being their 13th.

A mix of sophisticated (polished? words?) punk, grunge, and rock SD&CD has the potential to be one of my favourite albums of the year.  The songs are catchy and make me want to jump around and sing really loud while mowing the grass.  This album is just so alive, so electric, so free, so majestic! (you may now smile to yourself at my clever insertion of actual song lyrics from an actual song on the album.  Thank  you.)

Favourite Tracks: Paper Hearts, Myself To Lose, Start All Over Again, So Majestic, and The Way That Stars Fall just for starters x33

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‘NEW MUSIC’: Apocalyptica in Shadowmaker

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Happy October!

Ready for some rocking cello-tastic headbanging songs?

Me too.

This isn’t your standard Apocalyptica album, and I’m really not sure how I feel about it.  The majority of the tracks have vocalists.  There is nothing wrong with this in theory.  I enjoy many types of music with vocals, (including everything I’ve ever written a review of so far) and this includes many songs from Apocalyptica.

I’m just really missing the good old cello.

And that’s fine, I love hearing how bands grow as the years go on, and I really do like a lot of the tracks Apocalyptica has put out in collaboration with vocalists.  Broken Pieces, End of Me, I Don’t Care, and Bittersweet are some of my favourites, and to be honest some of these grew on my as time went on (Bittersweet being the best example, the first time I heard that song I was floored in the worst way possible).

I will say that my favourite tracks on Shadowmaker are the instrumental tracks Reign of Fear and Riot Lights.  I do like the vocal tracks also, Cold Blood and House of Chains are really good, and I have no doubt that this album will grow on me as I listen to it.

So really, I just want more tracks like Hall of the Mountian King, Kaamos, and Nothing Else Matters, but hey, that’s why back catalogs exist.  Be sure to give the following links some love:

Apocalyptica Website


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‘NEW MUSIC’: Abandon Kansas in Alligator


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(I’m on a roll)

I feel like poking fun at this album, even in the good-natured-(i swear this word is right)-I-actually-really-this, is the wrong approach today.  I light of this, I will attempt to be a serious writer.

I’m so sorry.

Alligator was an album I wasn’t quite sold on, even though I have seen AK live, have met Jeremy Spring (however briefly it may have been), and enjoyed their back-catalog.  Of course I enjoyed the album or I wouldn’t be writing about it.  As hard as it is to articulate how much I like something, it is even harder for me to articulate how much I dislike something.

So, with that out of the way…

Alligator is a quirky blend of piano riffs infused with electronic elements, relateable lyrics, and layers upon layers of alternative/indie/rock.  I like it.  Catchy and engaging.  If you wanna hear Jeremy talk about the album then check out his podcast DeadSpace (no, not the video game) ==> CLICK THIS

Some favourite tracks include: Alligator, Baby Please, Get Clean, Shadows, and What You Meant (that last one is pretty moving).

Important links to check out regarding Abandon Kansas:



I may also be updating previous posts with additional links, but don’t hold your breath.

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‘NEW MUSIC’: Emery in You Were Never Alone

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At this moment I’ve doubled my posts from last year!!! YAY!!!

Do you like music made by 40 year old men who can’t escape the emo phase?  Then Emery is the band for you!

After their not-actually-a-hiatus the boys from Emery have made a triumphant return on their own music producing/book publishing/podcast releasing company.  They are some busy guys.

You Were Never Alone is a fan-freaking-tastic album, with great instrumentation and gorgeous vocal harmonies.  If you’re interested in the finer points of the album’s creation, check out the podcast Break It Down with Matt Carter for a breakdown of track on the album and so much more!  Go here ==> CLICK THIS

Some personal favourites from the album include Rock Pebble Stone, Thrash, The Beginning, and Go Wrong Young Man (but all the songs are delish).

Be sure to check out the Bad Christian website for all things Emery and all the other stuff they put out.

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(Quick note, if my writing seems insincere, it’s because I think I’m funny.  I’m being quite sincere.  I am.)

(Another quick note, can I just say how excited I am for Coheed and Cambria’s new album?  Cause I’m pretty excited)

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Albums of 2014


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(digital music is composed of bits and you munch the juicy beats with your hearing nodes)

I’ve finally managed to get this thing finished xp

2014 has been over for about a month (try two (or like, five)), so I think it’s time to look at what I liked about music.  Here we go.  These are in no particular order but I really enjoyed all of them.

Band of Skulls – Himalayan

Himalayan is a delicious romp through the snow covered peaks of a mountain of titular nature.  The 14 track album from the British trio surprised me.  Not because I didn’t think it would be good, but they had slipped off my radar for a few years and I’m glad I caught it when I did.

Favourite tracks : Asleep at the Wheel, Himalayan, Brothers and Sisters, I Felle Like Ten Men, Nine Dead and One Dying, Toreador.

Bayside – Cult 3

The boys in Bayside have done it again.  They seem to be able to perfectly describe an inner dialogue of angst and depression, while being able to maintain upbeat sing-able songs.  All of their albums are amazing and Cult is no exception.

Favourite tracks: Stuttering, Pigsty, Whitest Lie, Big Cheese, Bear With Me.

The Contortionist – Language 3

Language is a gorgeous album to listen to.  It’s so relaxing and chill.  The instrumentation is absolutely beautiful and I really just don’t have any idea how to better explain it.  GO LISTEN!!

Favourite tracks:

frnkiero andthe cellabration – Stomachaches 5

I dubiously looked up the album Stomachaches after hearing about another Frank Iero project.  I ‘m not really a fan of LeATHERMOUTH, and Death Spells hasn’t released anything substantial, but I was dying for anything remotely relate to My Chemical Romance.  This album is fantabulous; punky, fuzzy, catchy and tinged with just a hint of macabre (see Joyriding MV).

Favourite tracks: Blood Infections, Joyriding, Stitches, Guilt Tripping

Gerard Way – Hesitant Alien 5

I was incredibly excited to hear that despite the break up of MCR, Gerard Way would be making new music.  After hearing the demo track for Action Cat, I was beyond stoked.  It was amazing and I had high hopes for the album.  Way did not disappoint.  I had the album on repeat for months.

Favourite tracks: Action Cat, Millions, Zero Zero, Juarez, Get the Gang Together, Maya the Psychic.

Jack White – Lazaretto 4

Jack White, part Johnny Depp and Frank Iero, and one half of former band The White Stripes, has released his second solo album Lazaretto.  While not as good an album as Blunderbuss, Lazaretto is just incredibly solid rock ‘n roll.

Favourite tracks:  Lazaretto, High Ball Stepper, That Black Bat Licorice

Kid Cousin – Birth

I met the dudes in Kid Cousin while at college.  Not only are they crazy cool, but they are crazy good musicians.  If you get the chance, I definitely recommend seeing them live, they give one helluva show.  This is their first EP, and you can support the band here: Kid Cousin Bandcamp

Favourite tracks: The whole thing.

Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a fantastic duo from across the pond, making incredible music with just a bass and drums.  This is just such a fuzzy , bassy album, its incredibly awesome to listen.

Favourite tracks: Out of the Black, Figure It Out, You Can Be So Cruel, Little Monster, Careless.

Brent Walsh – 7

Brent Walsh usually fronts the group I The Mighty (who are one of my favourite bands) but he took a detour and recorded songs he’d been working on for seven years.  His voice is beyond perfect and the songs were gorgeous.  The album spans several different genres and each one is executed beautifully (I will say however, not even Brent Walsh can make me like rap).

Favourite tracks: Free, Temporary Mass, Land Lovers, Ride the Air, A Toast:

Block B – HER

This may seem a little left field for me.  Hip-hop.  Wait, it’s good hip-hop.  Also, it’s Korean.  I found these guys while browsing YouTube (probably a suggestion due to the large amount of Visual Kei I consume) and it was honestly love at first view.  The music videos really pulled me in, they were fun and filled with humor and action.  The songs are catchy, feel-good and fun to dance to.

Favourite tracks: Her, Jackpot, Very Good, and Dime Girl

Sid – Outsider

Sid is a Japanese group, and part of the Visual Kei style of music.  I found out about them from watching anime (their song Monochrome Kiss was the opening of Kuroshitsuji).  Looking into the rest of their discography shows this latest offering to be a little bit more poppy than rocky similar to the transition in MUCCs style.  Outsider has plenty of up-beat, catchy and fun songs.

Favourite tracks: Laser, VIP, Music, Koi Ni Ochite (Falling In Love.

Sleepwave – Broken Compass

I was just as upset about Underoath’s disbandment as I was about My Chemical Romance’s, and just like Gerard and Frank, Spencer has not disappointed in his solo ventures.  I was excited to hear more of Spencer Chaimberlains clean vocals on Disambiguation and he definitely brings amazing vocals on Broken Compass.

Favourite tracks: Paper Planes, Rock and Roll  is Dead and So Am I, Whole Again, Replace Me

Honorable Mentions

KONGOS – Lunatic

While Lunatic was released in South Africa in 2012, it wasn’t released in the US until 2014 so it sort of counts for my top albums.

Favourite tracks: I’m Only Joking, Come With Me Now, Kids These Days,

Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

When this album came out in 2013, I couldn’t get into it.  I heard the song ‘Little Sister’ from Lullabies to Paralyze on the radio and loved it.  I ended up loving their entire back catalogue, so I gave …Like Clockwork another chance and I liked it this time.  Go figure.

Bush – Man On the Run

The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality

Periphery – Clear

Mechina – Xenon


Do you like butts?!

Do you like sweet jams?!

Then check out the debut album from Crisscross Albuttross, Hogdays Smaugdays.  Crisscross Dental-floss is an awesome band hailing from the village of Millersville.  Their indie soul punk will send your sound receptors on a journey through space in a boat powered by a flock of Albatross.

Some personal favorites on the album include Faces More Familiar, Fisherman’s Son, Ghastly Love and Songstress.

In all seriousness, this is an absolutely fantastic album and it is awesome to finally have these songs in my collection.  Check out their bandcamp and Facebook here and here respectively, and purchase the album.

While you’re at it, check out Pillar Collective for more awesome music, art and short films! (bandcamp and facebook).

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(Quick note, my browser wants to correct ‘Millersville’ to ‘Versailles’ )