‘New Music’ Devin Shelton in Sensation

Welcome to NEW MUSIC 2017!  Goals for this year include coming up with a consistent standard for these posts.  I know!  It would be incredible.

Sensation, Devin Shelton’s second solo release, dropped on January 6th of this year, billed as an R&B, Soul album.  I honestly have no idea if this is accurate as I don’t make a habit of listening to R&B or Soul, but music genres are open to interpretation and therefore not relevant in this case (although if something is labeled as ‘country’ you can bet your bat-suit I ain’t listening to it).  You may recognize Shelton as former and present member of emohardcoremetalwhatever band Emery, his previous album being released during his absence from the group.

Compared to the 2014 release of Life and DeathSensation is seems to be an ‘acoustic’ version of this soul style Shelton has going for him.  Certain songs from his first album definitely have an ‘Emery’ feel to them that doesn’t exist in Sensation.  It will be interesting to see where Shelton’s third release ends up should that happen.

Sensation is a chill background album, but not so chill that you are unable to do anything (like Light We Made.  I put that album on and poof, 45 minutes have passed and I wake from my music coma wondering why the dog has an entire box of Cheerios on his bed).  It’s not a bad album, but there isn’t anything remarkable about Sensation, nothing that jumps out and grabs your attention.  My real motivation for checking this out is that Devin was/is a part of Emery, a band that I love listening too.  I wasn’t expecting this to sound like …In Shallow Seas or anything, but I was hoping for a little more (I’ve always preferred Toby’s voice, sorry Devin).

Favourite tracks on the album include: Tide, Dance Tonight, and Unexpected Things.  Also, take a gander at the video for title track Sensation below.

All in all, I give Sensation 4 out of 6 strings (cause guitars have 6 strings and Shelton used to play bass in Emery…my jokes are great). It’s a solid album, but doesn’t strike me as anything incredible.  I’d listen to it again, but probably just on Spotify (they still get the cash monies or something I swear).

This has been According to Hatchet, thanks for being here ❤

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