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Featured here is the completed Horus Rising blog experience for easy reading convenience!  I will also include a glossary of all the characters I reference because I’ve definitely forgotten who everyone is.

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Character Glossary:

The Emperor: But not the important one.

Loken: Our main character who is a struggle to relate to due to his inability to emote.

Abaddon: A captain who has anger issues I think.

HORUS: The Warmaster.  Also apparently a god?  Who is very peaceful for a leader with a raging desire to kill everything.

Sadie: A remembrancer with a strangely shaped head who becomes BFF’s with Loken.

Ig: A remembrancer who is kind of a jerk, but grows on you.

Keeler: A remembrancer who is awesome, and ends up suffering from PTSD.

Tarik: Loken’s best friend and part of the Mournival.

Sindermann: A sweet old man who likes books and is highly respected by Loken

Memed: An iterator who has little to no importance in the story.

Lowercase Horus: A member of the Mournival.

Ezekyle: A member of the Mournival.

Peeter Egon Momus: An architect who has little to no importance to the story.

Brothers of HORUS: Sanguinius, Lorgar, Fulgrim, Angron, Perturabo, Guilliman, Russ, Lion, Khan, and Dorn

Jubal: Did not get a promotion, doesn’t handle it very well.

Krasten and Flora: Two remembrancers who hang out with Keeler briefly.

Vipus: An Astartes, friends with Loken I think.

Saul: An idiot who executes good ideas poorly and lets other people take credit for it.

Lucius: Saul’s friend I think, turns into a defensive ego defending mess.

Sardine: Not his actual name, but close enough.

Eidolon: The commander of the Astartes that go to Murder.  Kind of a massive a-hole.

August: The month of my birth. Oh wait, you mean a character?

Eshkerrus: How does one pronounce?

Bulle: A member of Saul’s squad.

Marr: An Astartes with no importance to the story.

Qruze: An old war hero who is no longer relevant but everyone humors him anyway.

Sanguinius: One of HORUS’s brothers.  He’s actually a cool guy.

Malgohurst: An important strategist I think.

Daith Sehn: Envoy for the interex.

Erebus: A character thrown in at the last minute.

Mithras Tull: A Jethro Tull cover band.  I mean, an interex soldier with approximate status to Loken.

Judd Nelson: The leader of the interex, but not his actual name.


Hatchet’s Top [3] Christmas Albums

I hate Christmas music.

Yeah, I said it.  I hate Christmas music.

Honestly, most of it stems from a burning desire to dislike anything that is popular.  And I suppose ‘hate’ is a bit dramatic.  I dislike a large majority of Christmas music, however there are a few albums that I tolerate more than others.  So here are a few albums that prove that, despite hating Christmas music, I don’t hate Jesus.  (Obviously I do not hate Christmas.  I’m just sick of terrible covers of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”)

August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin’ Hill, A Holiday Album – 2012,’14,’15sleddinhillSleddin’ Hill, A Holiday Album is exactly what the title suggests.  Featuring two original songs composed by guitarist J.B. Brubaker, and various instrumental covers of such beloved Christmas classics as “Frosty the Snowman”, “Sleigh Ride”, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, “Jingle Bells”, “O Holy Night” featuring the Lancaster Bible College Choir directed by Dr. Robert Bigley (vocals kick in around 3:35), “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Little Drummer Boy”, “Winter Wonderland”, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, “Carol of the Bells”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, and “Joy to the World”.  You can tell the album is supposed to be listened to during Christmas due to the excessive use of sleigh bells and wood blocks.  I always enjoy a good instrumental rendition of anything, and if it’s metal, well even better.  That double-bass pedal really brings the Christmas cheer to my soul.  Also there are banjos ❤

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories – 1996
christmas-eve-and-other-stories-coverTrans-Siberian Orchestra are pretty awesome.  Symphonic anything is my favourite type of music and they certainly have some incredible tracks.  While I don’t listen to the full album as I prefer the instrumental tracks, it is definitely worth it to give the whole thing at least one solid listen.  This album is the first in a trilogy of rock operas.  My favourite track is “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24” as it mashes together two of my favourite Christmas songs “Carol of the Bells” and “God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen”.  All those squealing guitars and grandiose orchestras.

Christopher Lee A Heavy Metal Christmas and A Heavy Metal Christmas Too – 2012, ’13leeChristopher Lee was secrectly a metalhead and it’s the coolest thing.  With four studio albums, three EP’s, and a plethora of guest appearances, Lee was the oldest (probably) active metal musician evah.  If you’ve seen the original Wicker Man, then you know that Lee has one heck of a bass.  And the guy even looks like Santa!  What more could you want!?!  While I’m not sure that his operatic bass lends itself to metal, you’ve got to admit that this stuff is great.  And the idea of Saruman going Christmas caroling is awesome.  Also his song “Jingle Hell” pretty accurately describes my feelings about the season I mean I love Christmas!

Since I’ll probably do this again next year, I’ve got save the rest so I actually have something to write about.  Merry Christmas, and keep cranking out those metal covers everybody!

I’ll be watching Alien and Nightmare Before Christmas under the tree if you need me.

This has been According to Hatchet, thanks for being here!

-Hatchet ❤

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‘Book Club’: Horus Rising Part 2 Chapter 4 and 5: I’m up to my ears in morons, also concrete. Lodges are for secrets.

Welcome back to Hatchet’s Summer Book Club!  If you’re new, check out the first post in the series ‘Book Club’: Horus Rising Ch. 1-3.

You can find the previous post HERE and the next post HERE (whenever that happens).


Perhaps I was a bit hasty when I said that one group of Astartes who had landed on the glorious planet of Murder were dead.

They’re not.

Saul Tarvitz, Lucius, and the remainder of their squad discover the remains of the Blood Angels impaled on giant stakes/trees/plaster sticks.

Saul wants to blow them up.  Lucius disagrees.

They blow it up.

Saul takes the whole squads explosives (which is pretty dumb).  He and two others set the charges and run.  Unfortunately, some flying enemies spot them and give chase.  One is shot down by Lucius and lands on Saul and Sardine, who are then thrown through the air when the explosives blow.

While the explosion and ensuing smoke led to the remaining Astartes being reunited, Eidolon is pretty brassed off.  Saul assumes that Eidolon is just too proud to admit that the explosion was a good idea because an inferior came up with it.  These idiot Astartes are so dang proud.  Regardless of his reasoning for being pissed, Eidolon sends Saul and five other men to recover some Blood Angel paraphernalia to prove that they found anything at all.

While searching through the rubble, an army of the weird creatures attack the camp of Astartes.  Another group starts to rebuild the concrete trees that Saul blew up.  If I understand how this works, the creatures eat the rubble and it becomes new concrete?  It’s pretty weird.

So Saul, being the rash little bastard that he is, decides that he and his five men will attack and kill the builders as he is so personally offended that they would try to repair their home.  His idiocy is rewarded with the death of two of his men, but the remaining three are saved by the sudden arrival of the Luna Wolves.

Chapter five sees a jump to the past within a jump to the past.

HORUS pays a surprise visit to the 140th Expedition fleet, who are horrified because they know they did a bad.  There is a war meeting held in which the Mournival (remember them?) are complete assholes so that HORUS can be seen as the benevolent leader.  The Mournival tears August and Eshkerrus apart, two of the highest ranking officers left, for pouring all of their resources into Murder without restraint.

HORUS then authorizes the exact same tactic no less than an hour and a half later.

There is a break in the storms surrounding the planet and Tarik wants to send down a force to take the planet.  HORUS is initially against the idea, but vox activity is detected on the surface and Tarik is authorized to rescue the men.

We then jump back in time by several weeks.  Horus has convinced Loken to join him for a lodge meeting.  Loken is rather dubious and is afraid that he will have to kill the people at the meeting including Horus.

The dude has no chill.

It turns out that most everyone Loken respects is in attendance to the meeting, even his best friend.  Loken questions the members about their motives and why they meet, threatening to expose them to the Warmaster.  To which he discovers that the Warmaster already knows.  Loken is appalled at the secrecy within the legion and pulls the disappointed-parent routine.  The members argue however, that the lodge is a place where anyone of any station can meet and discuss as equals, leading to better relationships within the chain of command.  They convince Loken to stay for the meeting, and he is surprised when it turns out that no rituals are performed.  Rather they drink and eat and talk.  Loken obviously had no friends before he was an Astarte.

The evening convinces Loken and he has a change of heart, and seeing how there is nothing shady going on, completely reverses his position on the whole subject.  Nero and Tarik are quite enthused.

Next up we have Ch. 6-7, and then we will be moving on to Part 3!  So two more installments this series before I give it a rest until next summer!

This has been Hatchet’s Summer Book Club, thanks for being here! x33

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‘Music’: Dir En Grey in Arche

Arche (the Greek word for origin) is Dir En Grey’s 9th full length ablum and was released in 2014. The album has also had two special edition releases featuring new tracks and acoustic versions. Arche is characterized by the theme of pain and everything the band has accomplished since it’s inception.

Hey bitmunchers!

Today we’ll be talking about what the title says.  Imagine that.

Dir En Grey is a Japanese visual kei band formed in 1997.  They have released 9 full length albums and many special edition live dvds.  Dir En Grey has been incredibly successful with large followings in Europe and America as well as Japan.  Their sound has evolved through every album they have released, and you can hear the group mature throughout the years.  Most of their music is a form of metal, though some of their songs could be classified as pop-rock.  Dir En Grey is comprised of members Kyo (vocals), Kaoru (guitar), Die (guitar), Toshiya (bass), and Shinya (drums, the prettiest).  The members of Dir En Grey (sans Toshiya) were formerly part of La:Sadie’s before recruiting Toshiya and releasing their first mini album Missa in 1997.

Fun fact: you can find all the band members blood types on their website, so if you happen to be a vampire you know which member is safe to drink from.

Arche (the Greek word for origin) is Dir En Grey’s 9th full length ablum and was released in 2014.  The album has also had two special edition releases featuring new tracks and acoustic versions.  Arche is characterized by the theme of pain and everything the band has accomplished since it’s inception.

Track List

  1. Un deux [1 2 (it’s French)]
  2. 咀嚼 (Soshaku) [Mastication (like, to chew.  I had no idea either)]
  3. 鱗 (Uroko) [Fish Scales]
  4. Phenomenon
  5. Cause of fickleness
  6. 濤声 (Tousei) [Voice of Waves]
  7. 輪郭 (Rinkaku) [Contour]
  8. Chain repulsion
  9. Midwife
  10. 禍夜想 (Magayasou) [Calamitous Night Thought]
  11. 懐春 (Kaishun) [?]
  12. Behind a vacant image
  13. Sustain the untruth
  14. 空谷の跫音 (Kukoku no kyouon) [Footsteps in the lonely valley]
  15. The inferno
  16. Revelation of mankind

Favourite tracks include: Un deux, Uroko, Tousei, Rinkaku, and Revelation of Mankind.  It is so hard to narrow it down, I love every song on this album and I’ve been listening to it obsessively for the past week.  If you are into Japanese music, or even just anime, I highly recommend Dir En Grey (though I’d watch their MV’s with caution due to cultural differences and questionable content.  Kind of like Disturbed’s MV’s.  Good music, disturbing MV’s (see what I did there??) All the links here are safe though, I’m looking out for you ;33).

Let me know what you think of this format, it is slightly different than previous album reviews (for reference here is my review of Balance and Composure).

I also wanted to say that my site is mobile friendly if you’re catching up on the go!

This is According to Hatchet,

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(I used jisho.org for the translations)

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