‘Books’: Temple of the Dragonslayer by Tim Waggoner

This book is soooooo overdue at the library.

After reading Homeland I got a little nostalgic for Wizards of the Coast books and decided to check out the book that introduced me to the wonderful world of Dragon Lance.  This is the first book in the Spellbinder Quartet which is part of The New Adventures which is simply Dragon Lance for kids (or Dragon Lance without implied sexual antics).

When our story opens we meet Nearra, a young girl who has lost her memory.  Despite this, Nearra is charming and kind and manages to amass quite the crew: a dirty rotten lying scoundrel with a heart of gold named Davyn, a dirty rotten thieving scoundrel elf with a heart of gold named Elidor, a smelly angry Minotaur with a heart of gold named Jax, a self doubting failed page with a heart of gold named Catriona, and a kender lacking any quality associated with common sense but who still has a heart of gold named Sindri.  (whew.  That’s a lot.)  These unlikely friends set out to restore Nearra’s memories, but every step they take is seen by the Black Wizard Maddoc who’s plans can’t seem to go wrong despite constantly going wrong (black as in moon alliance, as the three moons of Kyrnn are what fuel the wizards powers.  Wizards are most powerful at night, especially when their respective moon is at it’s zenith and full.  Maddoc is aligned with the black moon that you can only see if you are aligned with it and I’m really letting my nerd show, aren’t I.  I’ll stop now).

That’s all I’ll say plot wise, so I don’t spoil too much.

I’m pretty sure I read every single one of these New Adventure books in my youth.  There are also several trilogies focusing on various characters.  Elidor was my first elf crush and was the cause of my obsession with ashe blonde hair while in middle school, and I relate to Sindri on a spiritual level as I would probably be so excited to see a dragon I wouldn’t even notice if it ate me.

It’s obvious that these books were written for young adults, but the story is still interesting if somewhat simplistic and spelled out.  It was definitely an excellent introduction point to the world of Krynn.  If you’ve aged out of the YA group, I’d suggest Dragons of an Autumn Twilight instead, but Temple of the Dragon Slayer is a fairly solid YA novel.

This has been According to Hatchet,

Thanks for being here.


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