‘Book Haul’: 7/16

Sup Bitmunchers!

I have just returned from vacation and, since I have the day off, am working on getting back on track with this blogging thing.  Today is a sort of update on where we stand, Tuesday will be a music post (haven’t had one of those in ages) and Saturday will be the return of Horus Rising (I promise!  It got really boring again, and I’ve been having trouble staying motivated).

Enough of that.  As is the tradition of vacation, one buys a bunch of stuff.  Here is some stuff.  Also, I cut up the fabric I used for the last set of pictures xp.

The Shannara Chronicles Book One The Elfstones of Shannara, Terry Brooks20160716_150500

                ‘The magical Ellcrys tree is dying, loosening the spell that bars the Demons from enacting vengeance upon the land.  Now Wil Ohmsford must guard the Elven girl Amberle on a perilous quest as she carries one of the Ellcry’s seeds to a mysterious place where it can be quickened into a powerful new force.  But dark on their trail comes the Reaper, most fearsome of all Demons, aiming to crush their mission at any cost.’

                I like to think that I maintain my denial of hipster status fairly well.  I was bound and determined to never touch the Shannara Chronicles when I found out it was a somewhat popular TV show on MTV.  For some reason, finding out that the novel was originally published in the 80’s and Terry Brooks being the quite the prolific author pacified my concerns and I bought the book (avoiding the more expensive TV cover).  However, I must confess that the only reason I read Game of Thrones was because Sean Bean was on the cover and fourteen year old me was all ‘GASP!  Boromir!’

The back of the book touts The Elfstones of Shannara as ‘One of the most popular fantasy tales of all time’ which I’ve never heard of before since it was published before my birth.  Again, I must confess that I am well versed in Tolkien and Lewis despite those books also being published before my birth.  My parents just weren’t Brooks fans apparently.

One thing I immediately notice is the lack of ridiculous names which, while many a summer has been filled with tales of Tanthalas Quisif-Nan Pah and Lauralanthalasa Kanan, I am incredibly grateful for.  There is nothing wrong with creating these grand, universe appropriate names for your characters I JUST CAN’T PRONOUNCE THEM.  Also, Demons is spelled like that instead of the deamons I’ve been reading about in WH40K that don’t exist.  The premise also strikes me as similar to the premise of Sea of Monsters (Rick Riordan) but instead of finding a golden fleece they just plant a new tree.  Of course I doubt Ellcrys is a person…

More Than Mortal Sagas Isu. 1, 2, 3; Sharon Scott, Romano20160716_150430

I didn’t buy this and I know nothing about it.  One of my sisters friends bought it for her thinking it was the first three issues of Vaughan and Staples Saga.  The characters and story seem to be based on Irish folklore and mythology which I can totally get behind.  Cool stuff.  Really, that’s all I have for this.

King of Kings, Leaves’ Eyes20160716_150541

While shopping we ran into a music store and they didn’t have letlive.  I was rather put out.  I did find this, however, an album by Norwegian/German symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes.   I assumed by the art they were symphonic, so I went with it.  (IT’S AWESOME).  No regrets here.  There will be a review up this Tuesday or the next, so stay tuned!

This has been According to Hatchet, thanks for being here.


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