‘Book Club’: Horus Rising Ch. 9-10 Supernatural activity, Death is meaningless except when it’s not

Welcome back to Hatchet’s Summer Book Club!  If you’re new, check out the first post in the series ‘Book Club’: Horus Rising Ch. 1-3.

I’ve been silent for a while because my best friends got married!  So I was really busy and didn’t get the writing done that I thought I would.  Hence late night post of the book club!  Check out the previous post HERE and the next post HERE.


Part One: The Deceived

NINE: The unthinkable, Spirits of the Whisperheads, Compatible minds

So we begin chapter nine with Sadie and Loken.  Sadie has been interviewing Loken as his own kind of personal historian and  she has SIX HOURS of content to go through.  You mean to tell me that Sadie had to listen to six hours worth of chapter 1 quality content?  That poor woman.  Sadie brings up the question of whether or not a person can be without fear and if you can isolate fear when engineering life.  According to Loken, the Astartes HAVE NO FEAR.  THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF FEELING FEAR.  THEY ARE IMMUNE TO FEAR.  I would like to know how Loken continues to FEEL FEAR.  WHY.  Sadie than addresses something that I find wrong with this very book.  It is boring.  There is an overabundance of descriptions and a severe lacking in the emotion department.  Somehow the author understands that humans like emotional context but failed to give their story an emotional context.  What the heck Abnett.  Loken then tries to tell a story with better emotional context and fails miserably, only illustrating the continuing lack of respect the Imperium has for anything.

We are then taken back to the Whisperheads where Loken continues to defy all common sense and FEELS FEAR.  He feels this impossible fear because Jubal is crazy and kills people.  They fight, and Loken eventually wins.

Checking back in with the remembrancers, we find them visiting the landing site of the Stormbirds, which is as close to the battlefield as they are going to get.  This is frustrating for our beloved Keeler who complains to Sindermann who is just like, yeah, sorry babe.  We are introduced to two more remembrancers who I guess will be important now since they were named.  Vipus shows up to take Sindermann to Loken, prompting Keeler and her two new best friends Krasten and Flora (both males) to follow.  They are super sneaky-sneaks!

Sindermann gets a  complimentary tour of the battlefield as Vipus leads him to Loken.   Loken tells Sindermann that Jubal killed the Hellebore squad and 6 members of Brakespur before Loken killed Jubal.  The official report of course will be that nothing bad happened.  They discuss the possibilities of spirits and possession to which Sindermann is like naw, infections man.  Jubal then wakes up.  Holy crap Jubal is a zombie.  So, zombies are a thing now!

Actually it sounds like Jubal is a Necromorph.   So, Dead Space + Metroid then.  Sweet.  I love Metroid and I’ll probably like Dead Space so, yeah.  I can just imagine Samus and Isaac hanging out and having a grand old time killing space things.  And why not, yet’s add Ripley in there too since she’s basically Samus’ mom.  So the Jubal-Necromorph finds Keeler & Krew© and kills Kransten.  No, not Kransten!  He was…a dude…  Flora and Keeler are left and are running away from Jubal when he turns into some sort of Zombie-Dog-Man?  Weird.  Flora get’s eaten and then…  No.  NO.  Abnett don’t you dare.  You cannot do this to me.  I will never forgive you if Keeler dies.  I will go all Liam Neeson on you if she dies.

TEN: The Warmaster and his son, No matter the ferocity or ingenuity of the foe, Official denial

Loken killed Jubal again I suppose.  I mean, they cremated it and everything, but I bet that can’t even stop these zombies.  OMG.  KEELER LIVED!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so happy.

HORUS pays Loken a visit to make him feel better but Loken is sad now because everything he knew about his life is falling apart.  HORUS imparts some info to our good hero.  It turns out there is this thing called the Warp, a somewhat sentient being that likes to mess with humans.  Kind of sounds like a god.  I’m wondering why do these people hate gods so much?  They basically believe in one, aka, the Warp.  HORUS goes on to explain that ‘deamons’ and ‘spirits’ imply intent.  The Warp INTENTIONALLY messes with people.  HORUS says it PICKED JUBAL.  I DON’T UNDERSTAND.  HOW CAN THE WARP INTENTIONALLY MESS WITH PEOPLE WITHOUT HAVING INTENT??  I mean, the Imperium clearly believes in the supernatural.  They have to the way the warp was described.  Dang, where in Hell are those two brothers anyway, I need some back up.

*end tirade*

So the Warp can possess vulnerable people.  What makes you vulnerable could be anger like Jubal, or being merely human like the rest of the world.  So there is obvi nothing weird going on here.  No supernatural things at all.  Nope.  Totally normal and scientifically sound.

The Emperor is away doing things which is why HORUS is the Warmaster.  Apparently Loken is his son, which I have a hard time believing, but that’s what the sub-titles told us.  Anywho.

Sadie appears again, reminding us that she is Loken’s very bestest friend.  Turns out that Ig survived!  Like, even though he stopped breathing.  I mean, that’s possible, and cliff hanger chapter endings aside, he’s still alive?  I guess he’s a much more important character than Kransten and Flora were.  But this explains why Sadie wasn’t with the other remembrancers.  So that was wrapped up rather neatly.  Uh, yeah.  So, end of Part One!

WHEW.  We made it!  This book isn’t really what I thought it would be, but the story has gotten more interesting as we have progressed, which I appreciate.  There have been some moments that have made me cringe  when it comes to writing style, word usage, and the like.  It’s entertaining to say the least, and it drives Kiddo crazy (she’s a Creative Writing/English major) which is also entertaining!  Love ya sis!  Next week we tackle Part Two: Brotherhood in Spiderland.  Wait.  No no no no no no no.  Spiders?  But, Abnett, Dan, why.  I don’t…but, spiders?

This has been Hatchet’s Summer Book Club, thanks for being here! x33

[Picture Source, I didn’t save the link Dx but I just googled Supernatural, so go crazy.  Yall got my joke, right?]


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