‘Book Club’: Horus Rising Ch. 6-8: Boring stuff, Metroid vs Terminator, Things finally get interesting

*So, I’m pretty behind with this baby.  Today, instead of Murder By Death, is Horus Rising.  Murder By Death will be pushed back to Thursday and we will resume regular posting habits on Saturday.

Welcome back to Hatchet’s Summer Book Club where we are reading ‘Horus Rising’ by Dan Abnett.  You can check out the previous installment here and the next installment here.

Part One: The Decieved

SIX: Counsel, A question well answered, Two gods in one room

Okay, so this chapter is written as though a lot of things happen but NOTHING HAPPENS.  This entire chapter is some sort meeting between really tall people.

Tarik and Loken are headed to the meeting when Tarik tells Loken that this whole thing is a test.  Which means, the only reason this is included in the book is because it will further Loken’s character arc.  Anyway, they run into the rest of the Mournival (are they really sad?) and go to this huge meeting where they talk about the planet they just took over.

HORUS wants to know what to do about these insurgents because they are killing large numbers of human troops.  Loken becomes a scapegoat when he suggests that they use the Astartes to crush the rebellion.  It is explained to Loken that he has set himself up in this manner, but he doesn’t seem to care which backs up the Astartes being engineered life-forms.  However, LOKEN FEELS FEAR in this chapter and I don’t understand.  Is he more human than other Astartes?  Is he broken?  Have I misunderstood something?  We may never know.

Then everybody goes to a different room with HORUS and these people are so obsessed with gods for being Atheists.   Anywho, HORUS’ brothers are named and I feel the need to share this with you.  We have HORUS, Sanguinius, Lorgar, Fulgrim, Angron, Perturabo, Guilliman, and then we have Russ, Lion, Khan, and Dorn.  So, somebody ran out of names no one could pronounce.  On the plus side, the word ‘biliously’ is used, so that’s cool.

As you can see, I didn’t really like this chapter.  MOVING ON!

SEVEN: Oaths of moment, Keeler takes a pict, Scare tactics

KEELER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!  A group of remembrancers are allowed to visit the embarkation deck.  This is really cool and important but for some reason, Sadie didn’t show up.  This is curious to Keeler but she doesn’t think about it too much.  I suppose no one has missed Ig yet either?  Like, did nobody realize he died or…what.  I mean, he and Keeler seemed to be friendly at least so you’re telling me she hasn’t realized no one has tried to hit on her today?  So all the remembrancers are on the embarkation deck and they get to see the Astartes getting ready to embark and Keeler starts taking picts when the iterator that is babysitting them gets made at her for doing so.  They aren’t allowed to document anything at the deck apparently, and Keeler says “I’m an imagist.  What the hell did you think I was going to do?”  She is so awesome.  The other remembrancers, emboldened by Keeler’s coolness, wander about the deck watching the Luna Wolves (Loken’s Company) prepare to become scapegoats and, as the sub-title suggests, take oaths of moment

Keeler takes a very impressive picture of Loken taking an oath of moment and Sindermann (an iterator, if you will remember) is moved to tears by it.  Probably.  The cute and naïve remembrancers get to see the Stormbirds launch and they are all super excited about it.

The Stormbirds launch and suddenly we are with Loken!  They realize that there is vox interference.  The dudes in charge of keeping the vox clean are doing their best, but they can’t stop vox chatter.  The intereference is being cause by this person named, wait for it, SAMUS.  YUEAS!  MY GIRL SAMUS IS IN THIS BOOK!  She and Keeler can hang out, fight aliens together, be room-mates, play video games…wait, it’s a dude?  Dang it!

EIGHT: One-way war, Sindermann in grass and sand, Jubal

THINGS FINALLY GET INTERESTING!!!!!  Thank goodness, I was getting pretty worried.

We are dropped right into the action with our Luna Birds as they land near the Whisperheads, a scary mountain range haunted by the devil.  Seriously.  Samus is the devil.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Also, there are Terminators in this  chapter.  The head captain guys of the Luna Wolves meet with Loken to decide how to attack.  Loken gives Jubal the honor of attacking after the Terminators since he didn’t get promoted.  It turns out that the Whisperheads are haunted according to local legend, which Loken dismisses because religion and spirits are stupid.  Samus is still mentioned but there is nothing to worry about.   The insurgents have massacred the mere human forces but the Astartes are going to massacre the insurgents, so don’t worry.

We find out that the inexperienced, vulnerable, and unprepared remembrancers are allowed to land on the planet with the Luna Wolves.  They have to stay at a small village far enough away from the action so they don’t get hurt but that is still high enough up that everyone needs personal respirators to breathe.  All the remembrancers and soldiers who are around and on a vox can hear Samus talking.  The remembrancers are allowed to look at the war machines that are not going to be fighting and wander around with some human soldiers.  Keeler (she’s still here!) is like naw, and goes to talk to Sindermann.  It turns out that Sindermann has figured out who Samus is, a.k.a. these peoples version of the devil who was banished to the mountains which also happen to be some sort of portal between reality and the spirit realm.  Keeler is suddenly very apprehensive because she has been hearing Samus talk to her since they landed and she DOESN’T HAVE A VOX!!!!!!!!  OMG!

Loken and his company are advancing to attack the insurgents.  Unfortunately for the poor souls hiding in the mountains they are no match for the Terminators.  Once the Terminators breach the walls, the rest of the Astartes attack and kill everyone.  Like, everyone.  Loken comes across a dying man who asks him to bless him as he dies.  Loken is like, no, gods don’t exist and doesn’t even have the decency to humor a dying man.  He does however deliver a mercy blow, so that was decent of him.  They also come across a lot of temples inside the mountain fortress (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the mountain is a fortress) which Loken commands them to destroy.  Loken also continues to defy logic and feel things he should not be able to feel as an engineered life form.  There will be an extensive look at this next week.  Anywho, Loken expresses his empathy for needless deaths and the comfort the people must have felt believing in gods.  Everything is going smoothly except Jubal is crazy.  When Loken finally catches up with him he  is rambling on about words in water and I assume, as he is alone, has killed the entire Hellebore squad.  The final words of the chapter are “Look out!  Samus is here.”

Soooooo.  We’ve finally reached the interesting part of the book!  Thank goodness.  It seems as though there is some mythology that will be looked into, whatever is going on with Jubal and this Samus character, and Keeler continues be my favourite character with every appearance she graces us with.  I do believe that in two more chapters we will be finished with Part One, so check back in this Saturday!  There will be no post on June 11th as I have a very important wedding to attend.

This has been Hatchet’s Summer Book Club, thanks for being here! x33

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