‘New Music’: Baroness in Purple

“The world is great and wide But wherever you go you know I’m a step behind”

Hey Bit-munchers!

Welcome back to the music stuff!

This week we’re talking Baroness in the colour Purple.  Baroness are a heavy metal/sludgy/prog outfit from Georgia.  The band’s current line-up consists of John Dyer Baizley (lead vocals and rhythm guitar),  Peter Adams (guitar and vocals), Nick Jost (bass and keys), and Sebastian Thomas (percussive things).  Jost and Thomas joined Baroness in 2013 after the previous bassist and drummer left.  Baizley is also an artist who has made album art for many other  bands including Baroness.  Adams, along with his brother, founded the band Valkyrie in 2002, only a year before Baroness was founded.

In 2012 Baroness was involved in a bus crash in London that injured nine people  on the bus.  After recovery, and the addition of two new members, the band went on tour before buckling down to write the new album.  John Dyer Baizley discusses the writing process and the accident in a video series on Baroness’ YouTube page (his adorable daughter makes an appearance as well).

To me, for whatever reason, Baroness has got a southern heavy metal vibe (whether that’s because I know they’re from the south or that’s what it actually it, it’s pretty neat).  Each instrument is interesting to listen to on its own and I love trying to pick apart the different aspects of each song.  Then each part meshes together so well to form a chaotic yet cohesive completeness despite the uniqueness of each part.  Baizley’s voice is quite soothing even when he’s signing about how a stuck pig feels, so that’s a thing.

Purple was released in 2015 on Abraxan Hymns (Baroness’ new label) with the song’Chlorine and Wine’ being the first single and ‘Shock Me’ as the second with a music video to accompany it.  ‘Chlorine and Wine’ is just a gorgeous song and ‘Shock Me’ has one catchy hook and is quite singable.  ‘Try to Disappear’ might be my favourite song from the album though, the intro is just too good.  Baroness just really hits me with every song.  The lyrics are so poignant and sometimes strange they really draw you in thinking about the meaning.  The music is really special to me, it reminds me of a dear friend and I listen to it whenever I need a boost.  Baroness is definitely in my top 5 favourite bands, maybe I’ll talk about the rest sometime. ;3

Well, this has been According to Hatchet, thanks for being here!

Sources/Links [Baroness Facebook | Official Website | Baroness Wikipedia | Purple Wikipedia | Baroness YouTube | picture source | John Dyer Baizley’s art]


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