BEST OF 2015 in Music!

best of 2015

4/23/16 – So I realized I never published this during 2015.  Or during the first month or so of 2016.  So have it now.

Hey Bitmunchers!

It’s that time of year again, when we look back and pretend everything about the previous year was awesome.  (I mean, it went pretty well so I’d say it was probably a win).

I’m gonna look back and let you know about my top favourite albums of 2015!!!

In no particular order…

…or a particular order.  I don’t know.

Abandon Kansas in Alligator – This album seemed to be a bit of a departure from their previous lighter styled songs to angsty indie rock.  Glorious!  Favourites include: Get Clean, Baby Please, Alligator, and (if you want to cry) What You Meant.

Coheed and Cambria in The Color Before the Sun – In a departure from their usual space epic theme, CandC bring us a rocking album about parenthood and life (as far as I know).  My favourite thing about Coheed and Cambria are the song structures and how the lyrics and the different instruments really come together for something awesome.  Favourites include: Island, Eraser, Here to Mars, and Peace to the Mountain.

Emery in You Were Never Alone – I cannot say enough good things about this album and this band.  I also saw them in concert.  I’m too old for concerts.  Concerts are loud.  Any who, favourites include: Rock, Pebble, Stone (one song), Go Wrong Young Man, The Beginning, Pink Slip.

Eyeshine in Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust – I’m so excited because Eyeshine is putting out a new album in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2017.  With grunge.  Yay!!!!!!!!  This album makes me feel so good and I can’t stop listening to it.  Favourites include: Paper Hearts, The Way the Stars Fall, Bad Company, Myself to Lose.

Breaking Benjamin in Dark Before Dawn – Breaking Benjamin triumphantly returned making you think that you’ve already heard this song before.  Classic BB album.  Favourites include: Failure, Hollow, The Great Divide.

ONE OK ROCK in XXXV – Mighty Long Fall, Memories, Paper Planes.

I The Mighty in Connector – The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray, Friends, The Frame I: Betrayal in the Watchtower.

Two Steps From Hell in Battlecry – None Shall Live, Stormkeeper, Cannon in D Minor.

Electric Century in Various Singles – I Lied, Hail the Saints.

* Muse – The GazettE – Silverstein – Periphery – Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Big Bang *


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