‘Books’: Mouse Guard by David Petersen

This is the start of a new series on this blog about books!  Do you like books?  I love books, and I feel a little guilty that I don’t read as much as I used too.  I also have a bunch of books in my library that I haven’t read yet.  And I keep buying more.  I really must stop, it’s not very productive.  I’m still playing around with the format for this series, so this post won’t be telling of future posts but they will be about books so ya know, it’skay.  Really, this is just to make me feel better about buying books.  x33

‘Mouse Guard’ written by David Petersen, first appeared in 2005 and ‘Mouse Guard Fall 1152’ is a compilation of the first six chapters in the greater Mouse Guard story.

First Impressions: I picked up this book because there are mice with weapons on the cover.  I grew up reading books like The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Tale of Despereaux, and Redwall, so if you hand me a book with talking mice with weapons you can bet your butts I’m gonna read it.  (I’m anticipating a rise in views, as the last post that included butts did really well).  I also really like the art and the colours.  I totally recommend following Petersen on Tumblr so you can check out all his awesome work.

Just a quick, spoiler free summary for your enjoyment and to whet your whistle as they say.  (The future posts will probably be spoiler heavy, just fyi).  (Also, I had to return the book as I borrowed it from the library so, I’ll do my best here).

The first six issues of Mouse Guard chronicle Kenzie, Saxon, and Lieam’s adventure as they attempt to find a missing merchant.  The three mice end up in Barkstone, wary of a traitor within the Guard.  Saxon, the ever brash mouse, stages a distraction with Kenzie, and Lieam uses this to get into all sorts of trouble.  The sixth issue see’s an attack in the mouse city of Lockhaven where the Mouse Guard face off against the sinister army of The Axe.

I really liked the story.  It’s interesting, the Mouse Guard has a cool history behind it and it’s entertaining.  The amount of detail in each mouse is awesome, they all have different fighting styles and weapons and they’re all fairly east to tell apart even without their colour coded cloaks.  Conrad, for example, lives by the sea and his weapon is a fish hook attached to a string.  Petersen also has a Mouse Guard RPG, similar to D&D I believe, if you like to play games, which I do.

So I hope that intrigued you and you check it all out!  This is just the beginning of my series on books, so get reading!  I think the next book I’ll be talking about is either going to be ‘Horus Rising’ or ‘In the Eye of Heaven’.  I might also be moving to two posts a week, one for music (Tuesdays) and one for books (Saturdays?).  I’m also making a Facebook page!  Wow!  So many things going on.

This is According to Hatchet, thanks for being here!

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BEST OF 2015 in Music!

best of 2015

4/23/16 – So I realized I never published this during 2015.  Or during the first month or so of 2016.  So have it now.

Hey Bitmunchers!

It’s that time of year again, when we look back and pretend everything about the previous year was awesome.  (I mean, it went pretty well so I’d say it was probably a win).

I’m gonna look back and let you know about my top favourite albums of 2015!!!

In no particular order…

…or a particular order.  I don’t know.

Abandon Kansas in Alligator – This album seemed to be a bit of a departure from their previous lighter styled songs to angsty indie rock.  Glorious!  Favourites include: Get Clean, Baby Please, Alligator, and (if you want to cry) What You Meant.

Coheed and Cambria in The Color Before the Sun – In a departure from their usual space epic theme, CandC bring us a rocking album about parenthood and life (as far as I know).  My favourite thing about Coheed and Cambria are the song structures and how the lyrics and the different instruments really come together for something awesome.  Favourites include: Island, Eraser, Here to Mars, and Peace to the Mountain.

Emery in You Were Never Alone – I cannot say enough good things about this album and this band.  I also saw them in concert.  I’m too old for concerts.  Concerts are loud.  Any who, favourites include: Rock, Pebble, Stone (one song), Go Wrong Young Man, The Beginning, Pink Slip.

Eyeshine in Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust – I’m so excited because Eyeshine is putting out a new album in a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2017.  With grunge.  Yay!!!!!!!!  This album makes me feel so good and I can’t stop listening to it.  Favourites include: Paper Hearts, The Way the Stars Fall, Bad Company, Myself to Lose.

Breaking Benjamin in Dark Before Dawn – Breaking Benjamin triumphantly returned making you think that you’ve already heard this song before.  Classic BB album.  Favourites include: Failure, Hollow, The Great Divide.

ONE OK ROCK in XXXV – Mighty Long Fall, Memories, Paper Planes.

I The Mighty in Connector – The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray, Friends, The Frame I: Betrayal in the Watchtower.

Two Steps From Hell in Battlecry – None Shall Live, Stormkeeper, Cannon in D Minor.

Electric Century in Various Singles – I Lied, Hail the Saints.

* Muse – The GazettE – Silverstein – Periphery – Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Big Bang *

‘Music’: Woodkid

This week we will be talking about Woodkid, a really, really cool musician that my sister reminded me existed when she was home for spring break (shout out to you Kiddo). Sit back and enjoy!

Hello Bit-munchers!

Welcome back to another installment of According to Hatchet where I blather about music I really like!  It’s fun, I promise.

This week we will be talking about Woodkid, a really, really cool musician that my sister reminded me existed when she was home for spring break (shout out to you Kiddo).  Sit back and enjoy!

Yoann Lemoine, a.k.a. Woodkid, is a Polish singer/songwriter/producer who grew up in France.  In 2013 he released the single ‘Iron’ followed by the album ‘The Golden Age’ later that year and two more EP’s.  This year, in collaboration with director Jonas Cuaron, Woodkid released the OST for the movie ‘Desierto’.  If you’re a fan of Assassins Creed, you’ll recognize ‘Iron’ as the trailer track for AC3 Revelations.  You may also recognize ‘I Love You’ as it apparently appeared in Divergent.  Fancy that.

There are four reasons why I think Woodkid is down-right incredible music.

  1. HIS VOICE.  His voice is gorgeous (and so is his beard).  I prefer men’s voices anyway but his voice definitely stands out in a big way.  It’s vaguely gravely while being really smooth and rich like how chocolate sounds.  One thing, that I really don’t mind, is that he mumbles.  So that’s fun x33
  2. THE INSTRUMENTATION.  These songs are grand, sweeping, cinematic masterpieces.  I love that in music.  The swell of the theme is exhilarating and by the end of the track it feels as though you’ve just watched an entire movie with fully developed characters that you actually care about.  The brass is probably my favourite aspect of the instrumentation, especially the low brass.  Low brass is bad ass.  (I’m sorry, it rhymed, I like rhymes, also it’s true).  Also, there are flutes, and I play those.  So that’s cool!
  3. THE PERCUSSION.  I’ve singled the percussion out because it’s just so cool.  I really like when percussion can contribute to the melody without being pitched.  The rhythms are so interesting and engaging, they demand attention.  They add a lot of depth to the music for me.
  4. THE VISUALS.  Just watch any music video for any Woodkid song.  They are mesmerizing.  The videos for ‘Iron’ and ‘The Golden Age’ are just gorgeous pieces of micro cinema.  The video for ‘Volcano’ is awesome because it incorporates a wicked cool snare line and insane programmable lights, two things I really like.

Favourite tracks include: ‘Iron’|the fun summery track ‘I Love You’|’Baltimore’s Fireflies’ gorgeous piano|the haunting ‘Land of All’|Wasteland|

I’m gonna try a thing where I add a YouTube playlist that has collected some of the songs I talked about.  Let me know what you think!


This is According to Hatchet, thanks for being here!

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‘OST’: Imahori Tsuneo in Trigun

Hey Bit-munchers!

Original sound tracks are a beautiful thing, especially when they are pulled off in such a way that they complement the film while simultaneously being able to stand on their own as a dang good piece of work.  As a music lover, I have a certain soft spot for OST, especially this one.

We’re talking Japanese composer and guitarist Imahori Tsuneo and his fantastic work on the anime Trigun.  Imahori also worked on the Gungrave, Gungrave 2, Hajime no Ippo and Trigun Badlands Rumble soundtracks and to a lesser extent Texhnolyze, Wolf’s Rain, and Cowboy Bepop.  He also composed and/or played guitar in the bands Tipographica, MEATOPIA, and The Seatbelts.

Trigun, written by Yasuhiro Nightow, is my one of my top favourite anime and is the first series that I completed.  I’m also reading through the manga, and the intense face of Nicholas D. Wolfwood is staring at me from the cover of Trigun Maximum Omnibus 2.  Lest I fill this post with nothing but praise for the show or the novel, check out this video, narrated by none other than Jeff Nimoy, for more information.

Back to the music.

Trigun was released in Japan in 1998 and Imahori’s soundtrack was released the same year.   The album mainly features the most jazzy of guitars, the most bluesy of saxophones, the most raging of bongos, and the occasional delicate flute.  The chaotic but calculated music paired with intense jazz really pulls the western feel together.  While much of the music is lighthearted and fun, tracks like ‘Perfect Night’ remind you just how terrifying the villains are.  I’d have to say that the soundtrack is crafted to fit perfectly with the hot dry sand on the planet Gunsmoke as we follow our care-free hero on his quest for love and peace.

Below check out some links for a taste of this delicious music!

This is According to Hatchet, thanks for being here!

Tipographica Highway as a Samurai Play | Tipographica King’s Golden Toilet | MEATOPIA Counterattack | The Seatbelts Tank! | H.T.Red Eyes Project Yellow Alert cover