‘NEW MUSIC’: Abandon Kansas in Alligator


Hey bit munchers!

(I’m on a roll)

I feel like poking fun at this album, even in the good-natured-(i swear this word is right)-I-actually-really-this, is the wrong approach today.  I light of this, I will attempt to be a serious writer.

I’m so sorry.

Alligator was an album I wasn’t quite sold on, even though I have seen AK live, have met Jeremy Spring (however briefly it may have been), and enjoyed their back-catalog.  Of course I enjoyed the album or I wouldn’t be writing about it.  As hard as it is to articulate how much I like something, it is even harder for me to articulate how much I dislike something.

So, with that out of the way…

Alligator is a quirky blend of piano riffs infused with electronic elements, relateable lyrics, and layers upon layers of alternative/indie/rock.  I like it.  Catchy and engaging.  If you wanna hear Jeremy talk about the album then check out his podcast DeadSpace (no, not the video game) ==> CLICK THIS

Some favourite tracks include: Alligator, Baby Please, Get Clean, Shadows, and What You Meant (that last one is pretty moving).

Important links to check out regarding Abandon Kansas:



I may also be updating previous posts with additional links, but don’t hold your breath.

This is according to Hatchet, thanks for being here


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