‘NEW MUSIC’: Emery in You Were Never Alone

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At this moment I’ve doubled my posts from last year!!! YAY!!!

Do you like music made by 40 year old men who can’t escape the emo phase?  Then Emery is the band for you!

After their not-actually-a-hiatus the boys from Emery have made a triumphant return on their own music producing/book publishing/podcast releasing company.  They are some busy guys.

You Were Never Alone is a fan-freaking-tastic album, with great instrumentation and gorgeous vocal harmonies.  If you’re interested in the finer points of the album’s creation, check out the podcast Break It Down with Matt Carter for a breakdown of track on the album and so much more!  Go here ==> CLICK THIS

Some personal favourites from the album include Rock Pebble Stone, Thrash, The Beginning, and Go Wrong Young Man (but all the songs are delish).

Be sure to check out the Bad Christian website for all things Emery and all the other stuff they put out.

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Stay tuned for more music and nonsense (I promise)

(Quick note, if my writing seems insincere, it’s because I think I’m funny.  I’m being quite sincere.  I am.)

(Another quick note, can I just say how excited I am for Coheed and Cambria’s new album?  Cause I’m pretty excited)

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